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Behind Urwerk's UR-111C

If you want to take a look at your wrist and read the time with your hands and dial in the usual way, dozens of centuries-old watch brands can give you the opportunity to do the job. If you are looking for something different, you will find Urwerk.Urwerk UR-111C Two-Tone Replica Watch

Innovative display layout masters are known for rethinking how to communicate time, forcing people to peek into the curtain of time, which tells us that this is deeply entrenched. What made us unbearable was that we couldn't remember the faces of analog clocks as a child.

Urwerk was very impressed with the release of UR-111C. UR-111C is a brand new product with a very interesting history behind it. This latest model uses the style of a driver's watch, and uses the clear Urwerk language to read clearly without removing the hand from the steering wheel.Grand Seiko replica Watches

Ultra-modern and industrial, but a subtle nod to Streamline Moderne (an international art deco building and design style that appeared in the 1930s), a model that is a direct descendant of Urwerk UR-CC1 "King Cobra", and history has become more interesting) ) Was inspired by the extremely unusual Patek Philippe of 1958.

Patek Philippe's watch is a prototype watch called Cobra, designed by Louis Cottier, the first ever watch with a linear time display. The Patek Philippe Cobra was never put into production. It may be due to the huge technical challenges in the manufacture of the movement, but it prompted Urwerk to accept the challenge of making a watch with such a display half a century later. The "CC" in the Urwerk model name stands for Cottier Cobra, paying tribute to the ambitions of the original designer.replica watches fashion

The UR-111C reads from left to right. Its conical display is used to display hours, the central barrel is rotated to display linear minutes, and the right cone display is used to display digital minutes. There is a separate hole on the top of the case to allow the second hand to run, just above the cylindrical roller, which can be used to wind or place the watch.

Despite the aesthetic history of the past, UR-111C's feet will be firmly rooted in the future, with contrasting figures, case finishing and practical straps, conveying almost like "Blade Runner" feel. Combined with the Urwerk launch video featuring the angular aircraft, soaring across a dark land, touching the artificially illuminated pyramid, you may even recall the year the original "Blade Runner" movie was released.replica watches perfect

This futurism also goes hand-in-hand with the innovative materials used, including for the first time ever the use of a fused fiber optic image tube for watchmaking, which can replace traditional "Cyclops" lenses to magnify a stopwatch. A very high-tech solution to a very old watchmaking problem-Urwerk's name is based on this. The movement used in UR-111C is self-winding and will run for 48 hours when fully wound.

The response to Urwerk's design language is often surprising or confusing, followed by a careful evaluation of the level of technology they demonstrate in their work. Although their watchmaking technology is based on tradition, its execution is avant-garde, and UR-111C perfectly expresses their superb skills. Highly technical and thought provoking, they want you to look at your wrist in an unconventional way.MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT Replica Watches

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