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Old Liao hurriedly multiplies by elevator to come downstairs and passes by an elevator, and then without extra trouble wiped the oil of facing Ms. Bin and found out that leader of class by law bubble make, ask clear logistics management committee chairman Anne virtuous Sen.Grillage Sir current place directions.
"More than 100 somebodies still at No.2 conference in the board room, Anne virtuous Sen.The grillage Sir is occupied in preparing and planning a grand party, intention gets rid of their warinesses, is busy in setting out the jadeite hall of the 99th floors."
Have to re- return, back and forth rush about, Yan nine hungry before have been taking a gun to take bandit in the No.2 board room before heart carry on the back after sticking and can not open eyes, , prevent°from the members riot, come down continuously for a few hours, spirit high strain, eat the next thing to early consume a to get empty.
If Liao learns the soldier's condition is not very good either, can be strong from the endurance, 8:00, have never found out again Ji text living, only temporarily withdraw.Drag along more a day, he permits the commitment Bian of ice rain little penny confidence to the Mu, the Ji text livings of the influence will also enlarge penny.
The hallway end for going out has already diverged road from the elevator, 1 are to go toward a restaurant, and one goes toward jadeite hall.
X simply probing into the terminal of passage in guard's room for the neighborhood in passage, in order to have sudden circumstance to do a rapid reaction.
"Yan nine, you go to guard's room and think a way to cover me to pass, you again past."
"Eldest brother, I am to master in very much, how should do?Even if draw on their attention, as long as you pass, the alert cries the meeting ring, can they not discover?"
"This needed you to think a way by yourself and successfully gave me the signal for beating an OK behind, I waited here."
Yan 91 grind teeth, can see one-step and walk one step, eldest brother even board room that kind of the situations can be played with to the palm to the person, oneself should also have him several cents, and the manner is just right.
Brain slightly on deliberating, walked over to knock the doorway of opening guard's room, the on duty personnel of guard room inside passed to shoot to be like a head to see him, what good matter does the in the mind whisper a cook to have?Is old don't wish to open doorway, have never liked spirit of way:"The everyone contains each matter, didn't see me in the work?"
Surprisingly Yan nine attitudes are more worse than him, roar a way:"His Niang of, your this class of guard who has white rice, get away!"A pushed away that guard to walked into.Guard there are still two people in the room and all hurriedly stand up cold face way:"You know interference, what end is our working as usual ?Mouth inside not dry not clean, sought to die you!"
Guard's room is very spacious, take all of a piece of walls of heads for instrument and conjunction their this shooting of hallway to be like a television networks, can know to see an each angle current circumstance, the right side is X-ray locator, someone is still responsible for staying by the side here and side puts a few wine, and seeing to the always very safe Meng orchid basin will let their nerves extremely be slacken.
Producing the egg strikes the left round pistol looting in times before in the table and bawls out a way:"Lao Tze Yong Mr. council chairperson so several years, haven't seen be like you so lazy guy, just I pick up to a gun in the passage, absolutely is your these people to lose after drinking!Mama of, blaspheme a job thus, absolutely is seek dead!"
The guards see Yan nine chest card and pistols, want the words said by him, temporarily cent not true or false, not from surprised way:"Exactly and what is the row?"This capable under charge of person but council chairperson's kings, Be careful of to deal with to just go.
"Mama of!You this helps a stupid person!Even threw guns, also asked me what is the row?The person who inquires to turn on duty tonight right away, see is who wrong!I estimate absolutely not only is a person to drink!In case of make the observant and conscientious person pick up the gun to, you his Niang of, do you still want to live?"
That guard is drunk by 1 to scold, feel keenly a problem severity, cold sweat direct current, toward interphone to wildly shout right away a , the confirmation has after some from recognize unlucky proud:"The No.2 board room neighborhood patrols to remain on standby of 17, 18, 19, didn't respond to on the 20th, must be them condition."

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