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Is incapable, first drive oneself ground the woman betray, then again appear thus ground trouble, he is to chase connect ground face in the house to throw light,
"I not concussion I ability not excited?Zheng Rong is quicker to say that the bottom is what is the row a son for me, "connect master son to grasp to connect Zheng Rong ground arm to ask a way,
"Grandpa, I am to listen to connect to hope ground, he understands a circumstance most , let him come over to speak with you?"Connect Zheng Rong to say,
Say come also Qiao, connect Zheng Rong to go out with friend and have fun to arrive very late today, come back from driving for a ground of time, see a for-rent car stop at the door, connect to hope from the car with distress look in come down,
Connects Zheng Rong to know connect hope to is to connect spirited center of earth stomach, also have no good will to him at ordinary times, today see him so frightenedly the appearance comes back, had the hair violent wind the ground to lend, stop the car to his in front, shout a way:"Connect a hope, you stem what come back?See you now is what appearance?Heel ghost ground, "
Connecting hopes that the in the mind has been indulging in to fear and to end to prospect ground vacant medium, other persons all died, oneself only escaped back, connect will the spirited can't pass himself/herself?
The facial expression faintly comes over here and has never seen to connect Zheng Rong to also drive to come over just and hear his geology ask, the original in the mind is some wrath grounds,
But turn to read a to think, connect spirited afraid because this matter is subjected to master son ground blame, inherit person's position to place not exactly will be settled, but have been being subjected to master sub- doter ground another No.1 person connect the Zheng Rong is very likely to replace,
He is to depend to promise a leaf a ground condition for autumn just protect next this small life, always must do a some result to just go, otherwise, and then how give an account to the leaf autumn?
That cruel means he once sees too many, regardless is last time ground Guo Cheng Yang's affairs, is still that this ground of Vietnam help to sink ship affairs, all of these two matters are oneselfs to be responsible for ground, also all have with that man closely relation,
The autumn of the leaf and small white to war even blessing even Anne two oldly time he also once see, at that time he very not easily climbed come up, see sandy beach a side warm corner several people, he lay prone in Shui-li, a move also not dared move, this time, didn't his going up do which only causes trouble?
Hence, he witnessed to connect blessing to connect Anne two old be been all processes by the bloody massacre ground, he is in the sea water vomit along while, until vomited bowel sons to all get empty, just secretively climbed to go ashore,
If words probably, he none of whole lives want to stand again the autumn ground is at the leaf opposition noodles,
He is a devil, while that wearing black western dress to wear white gloves ground person is absolutely a butcher,
He once saw kill people, but had never seen this ground of homicidal method,
He has already feared and comes from deep place ground of soul to fear,
In a twinkling recognizing is quasi- oneself currently circumstances and situation, connect to hope immediately and then in mind beat to settle idea, tell this matter connect Zheng Rong, not is go and live with ground had better do obeisance to stick?
Hence, connect a hope then a nasal discharge a tears ground affair ground after telling to connect Zheng Rong, connect after Zheng Rong listenned to is to frightened first, then again is an exultation,
Oneself's ground was hoped,
Don't take care of as well why connect to hope that today will suddenly treat oneself so truly be willing to, grasp him ground the hand ran to seek to connect master son,
Connect a hope has been waiting outside the door, hear the inside connect the ground of Zheng Rong to recruit to call, he went in to give° that words master son to speak 1 time again, certainly, spoke to tell the nature in the process to neglect him and leaf the autumn talk and produce to trade a ground of contents,
"Give connect the spirited make a phone call for me, " connect the master son is gloomy the face say, several 10-yearly the wind waves whet Li, let connect the master sub- center of earth voice compare ordinary people determine many, although before can not stand this stroke a while,listenned to connect hope ground words, know after affair indeed settles down, emotion on the contrary the town calmed down down,
"Well, grandpa, I this lets the eldest brother come over and connect the Zheng Rong is from the pocket in touch make moves machine, be grandpa's ground made spirited ground telephone call,

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