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These days there's tons of advertisements on the internet and in guitar magazines asking if you'd like to become a guitar hero in 'no time'. Well Cheap Mike Remmers Jersey , the truth is this makes for sensational advertising, but unless you're Eric Clapton, you'll need some time to harness those skills. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you're practicing.

Unlike those adds, your motto for practice should be slow and steady. When you play through a song quickly frequently what happens is you'll muddle a little segment, but it doesn't stick out in your ear because you've already moved on to the next part. Playing slowly ensures all the parts of the song are clear, and if there's a spot that's difficult that's ok! You're practicing Cheap Riley Reiff Jersey , you're not playing at Carnegie Hall yet. You're supposed to make mistakes, but you can identify them better when you slow down.

Also, and this surprises beginners, it's harder to play a piece slowly! Time and rhythm is what separates people who can kind of play and good musicians, and you can't be considered a good musician if your timing is off. Learn to play a song slowly and gradually you can speed it up as you improve. Always begin slowly! Count out loud, stomp your foot Cheap Sheldon Richardson Jersey , have your teacher count for you, do whatever you must but make sure that the timing is good and consistent!

Beginners are often confounded when they put their finger down and it doesn't make a clear sound. This can happen for a few reasons. Make sure your finger is near the fret, but not on it. Sometimes this can create a buzz. Next, make sure you're playing with the tips of your finger, not the flat part. This ensures that only a minimal part of your hand is touching the string, meaning you're less likely to be inadvertently touching another string. Sometimes another part of your hand is touching another string Cheap Matt Wile Jersey , resulting in a buzz. The key is to remember that your fingers may feel like they're making an impossible stretch, but in time they become more flexible, and the position becomes a lot more comfortable! It's discouraging at first when the position seems difficult to maintain and to remember, but after repetitive, slow practice it becomes second nature. But don't rush! Patience is the name of the game.

Having a teacher or an experienced player around is always a terrific idea if it's possible. It ensures you don't pick up any bad habits. When you internalize a bad technique it can be hard to expunge. Frequently the hardest thing for beginners, after they've got their notes clear Cheap Rashod Hill Jersey , is strumming. Stick to one simple, consistent pattern that works well with a number of tunes. Once you practice it over and over again you'll want to do something more advanced, and you might even be adding to it on your own! This is good. A good example is down, down, up, up Cheap Tom Compton Jersey , down. It works with nearly every 44 song and it's a good place to begin. And most importantly, have fun!!
In this last article in our series on stress we're going to cover some of the ways that stress can be reduced.

One of the easiest ways to reduce stress is to start with a healthy diet. Medical research shows that a diet composed of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits can greatly reduce stress because of the nutrients being supplied to your body and mind. Also avoiding such things as alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco can greatly reduce stress.

Another great treatment for stress is lots of exercise. This serves two purposes. The exercise itself builds up the body which fights off stressful factors. Also Cheap Dan Bailey Jersey , exercising is a great distraction in itself to get your mind off of the things that are bothering you, and in turn this reduces stress. A varied exercise routine is best because it prevents boredom. Maybe take an hour or two and divide up your time between treadmill, biking and weightlifting.

Other activities that are great for reducing stress are aerobics, swimming and yoga. Signing up for one of these classes is a great way to kill a couple of hours, get your mind off things and at the same time get your body into better shape.

Of course if you are terribly out of shape then you need to start slow. Maybe start with taking a 15 minute walk 3 days a week. Then work your way up to 30 minutes and eventually an hour. Then you can add yoga or aerobics to your routine, maybe starting one or the other for a half hour a week and then working your way up to maybe 20 minutes a day. Of course don't start an exercise routine until you've checked with a doctor.

Besides exercise Cheap Brett Jones Jersey , another way to reduce stress is through activities that don't take much physical exertion, but do take time and in the process take your mind off your problems for a while.

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