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Managing Cerebral Palsy with Physical Therapy Health Articles | June 30 Wholesale Al Jefferson Jersey , 2009
Physical therapy can play a very significant role in managing cerebral palsy. Therapy can start as soon as 3-6 months of life, or when a diagnosis is made. Some children w...

Physical therapy can play a very significant role in managing cerebral palsy. Therapy can start as soon as 3-6 months of life, or when a diagnosis is made. Some children with cerebral palsy continue physical therapy throughout their lives, especially those with severe physical disabilities.

Physical therapy has several goals for a child with cerebral palsy. It helps to improve mobility and flexibility. It helps to prevent joints from becoming contracted, such as the elbow joints. Also Wholesale Cory Joseph Jersey , it promotes the growth of muscles which in turn can lead to better movement of the body as a whole.

Usually a health care professional, such as a physical therapist, performs the therapy. However, to encourage faster results, parents can perform the techniques themselves at home. Physical therapists can teach a parent certain exercises that can be carried out at home. For example Wholesale Victor Oladipo Jersey , the parents can encourage their children to clap hands, or bang on pots. Basically the parent needs to keep the child active as much as possible, either through manual manipulation, or through play with other children.

Physical therapy uses a number of techniques to aid in the development of cerebral palsychildren.

Special cushions or braces may help support the joints or keep the child in the best natural position. In general, keeping your child active and mobile will greatly increase the functioning of a child with cerebral palsy. Parents need to pay particularly close attention to the exercises performed by physical therapist so these can be replicated in the home. Although cerebral palsy does not get better Wholesale Joseph Young Jersey , the symptoms can be greatly improved with the assistance of physical therapy.

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