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There's one function of online marketing that we've all overlooked that has become an important part marketing for acquiring leads and will contribute substantially to your online success.

Most people have seen or heard of the term RSS feeds but don't understand anything about the purpose of these feeds. RSS is the acronym for "really simple syndication" which are simply online news feds just like the news papers use to distribute their latest news to their publishers. RSS feeds are fast becoming a powerful tool that many SEO experts are using to attract new audiences to a website to promote just about any product or service.

Almost every site regardless of what you sell can benefit by using RSS feeds. If you're not familiar with this aspect of marketing jordan 6 like mike gatorade for sale , then it would be well worth your time to learn how to use this remarkable tool in your marketing efforts. Using RSS feeds will enhance the exposure of your online presence substantially.

You've probably noticed the RSS feed symbol on many of the blogs or social media site you visit regularly. By subscribing to these feeds you can get the latest up to date information every time your favorite writer posts to his or her blog, social network or website. These feeds are a powerful way to spread your content to other people or websites. Other site owners may use your information in their site, blog or email which will help you in promoting your site. Anyone who uses your information must keep the content in its original form including the links you've posted jordan 6 like mike for sale , and must give you credit as being the author of these writings. This type of feed has created a way for business owners to increase their online presence.

As a webmaster or owner of a website you will normally have some form of promoting your opportunity already in place. It is recommended that you promote your RSS feed just as aggressively as you promote your website. Utilize blogs, forums, social media networks Air Jordan 6 VI Retro CDP Countdown Package Women White Online , email campaigns and your contact list to promote your RSS feeds. Always put the feed icon on all pages of your website or any other written materials you electronically distribute. It is advised to register your feeds with Google, Yahoo and Bing plus any feed directories you may find. Even the use of news aggregators can be beneficial to your successful marketing efforts.

You should optimize your news feed with keywords and keyword phrases. Promoting your news feed is very similar to promoting the rest of your assets, such as blogs Discount Air Jordan 6 Retro Low Chrome Black White , splash page and your website. This will help you to increase the amount of links back to your site plus give you an endless source of targeted contacts to add to your list of potential clients for your business.

The search engines are recognizing RSS feeds as an important part of SEO and are rewarding many sites with higher page ranks because of the use of these feeds. When you add new content to your web site, blog, forum etc. Clearance Air Jordan 6 Retro Spizike Red Black , the search engines recognize your good work and will reward you with higher page rankings. More and more sites are gaining a lot of popularity with the use of this type of marketing. This is all part of the process of [SEM] search engine marketing.

If you haven't started using RSS feeds in your online marketing strategy, you should study up on the subject and see what a difference this single addition to your marketing strategies can make in your overall results of [SEO] search engine optimization.

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